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How to use the inverter

1. Inverter power must be greater than the rated power of the appliance used

Considering that some electric appliances have a large current when starting, an inverter with a larger output power should be selected.

2. The DC voltage of the inverter should match the frequency voltage

When the inverter is working, the battery must be on the street. The inverter has been marked with the DC power supply (such as 12V, 24V, etc.), then the battery voltage you are connected to must be the same, the inverter voltage is DC12V, then your The battery voltage must also correspond to 12V, otherwise the inverter will not work or be damaged.

3. The positive and negative poles must be connected

Must be the positive pole of the inverter connected to the positive pole of the battery (red), the negative pole of the inverter connected to the negative pole of the battery (black)

4. Charging use (some users may not need this feature)

Connect to the mains at the AC input, connect the battery and the inverter correctly according to the requirements, connect the positive pole to the positive pole (red to red), the negative pole to the negative pole (black to black), close the relevant switch, the machine can carry on the battery Automatic charging, automatically convert to floating charge after sufficient. At the same time, the machine has an automatic bypass function. When the mains input, it can automatically bypass the output to the load. When the mains fails, it will automatically switch to the inverter output, and the uninterrupted power supply will be applied to the load.

5. Inverter use
When there is no mains input, the battery and the inverter are correctly connected according to the requirements, the corresponding switch of the panel is closed, and the inverter output AC power is supplied to the electrical load.


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