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800w pure sine wave inverter

Power Rating 800w
Peak Output Power 1600w
Type High frequency inverter
Efficiency 89-95%
Indicator Operating / Fault, optional LED light or LED screen
Cooling Way Force-air cooling by temperature controlled and heat sink
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40
Relative Humidity 10 - 90%
Input Voltage 11-16VDC / 22-32VDC / 44-62VDC
Output Voltage 120±5VAC / 230±10VAC
Frequency 60±0.5Hz or 50±0.5Hz
No Load Current 0.4A
USB 5V 2A @ 12V / no USB @ 24V or 48V
Output Wave Form Pure sine wave, total harmonic distortion 3%
Overload Protection Automatic shutdown: 110%-120% of rated power, alarm 3 times, automatic reset
Under Voltage Protection Automatic shutdown: 10.0±0.3VDC / 20.0±0.5VDC / 40.0±1VDC
Alarm 5 times: 10.5±0.3VDC / 21.0±0.5VDC / 42.0±1VDC
Automatic reset: 16.0±0.3VDC / 32.0±0.5VDC / 64.0±1VDC
Over Voltage Protection Automatic shutdown: 16.0±0.3VDC / 32.0±0.5VDC / 64.0±1VDC, Alarm 6 times
Automatic reset: 15.0±0.3VDC / 30.0±0.5VDC / 60.0±1VDC
Input Reverse Protection Fuse be blown ( 40A×3pcs @ 12V; 20A×3pcs @ 24V & 48V)
Output Short Circuit Protection Automatic shutdown, alarm 2 times
High Temperature Protection Automatic shutdown: 65, alarm 4 times, automatic reset
Acoustic Noise Less than 40dB
Warranty period One year (for free) from the date of B/L. Free product accessories will be sent to you and save your maintain cost
Application Office equipment, household appliance,lighting system, car, etc


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