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  • 1000w pure sine wave inverter
  • 1000w pure sine wave inverter
1000w pure sine wave inverter1000w pure sine wave inverter

1000w pure sine wave inverter

Model HXI-1K01-P1 HXI-1K02-P1 HXI-1K04-P1 HXI-1K01-P2 HXI-1K02-P2 HXI-1K04-P2
Nominal Input Voltage 13.2VDC 26.4VDC 52.6VDC 13.2VDC 26.4VDC 52.6VDC
AC Voltage Range 120±5VAC 230±10VAC
No Load Current 0.4A ≤0.25A ≤0.2A ≤0.4A ≤0.25A ≤0.2A
AC Output Frequency 60±0.5Hz or 50±0.5Hz
Continuous Output Power 1000W
Peak Output Power 2000W
Output Voltage Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Total Harmonic Distortion 3%
USB Output Voltage 5.0±0.25VDC NO 5.0±0.25VDC NO
USB Output Current 2.0A NO 2.0A NO
Input Voltage Range 11-16VDC 22-32VDC 44-62VDC 11-16VDC 22-32VDC 44-62VDC
Low Voltage Cut Off 10.0±0.3VDC 20.0±0.5VDC 40.0±1VDC 10.0±0.3VDC 20.0±0.5VDC 40.0±1VDC
Low Voltage Restart 12.0±0.3VDC 24.0±0.5VDC 48.0±1VDC 12.0±0.3VDC 24.0±0.5VDC 48.0±1VDC
Low Voltage Alarm 10.5±0.3VDC 21.0±0.5VDC 42.0±1VDC 10.5±0.3VDC 21.0±0.5VDC 42.0±1VDC
High Voltage Cut Off 16.0±0.3VDC 32.0±0.5VDC 64.0±1VDC 16.0±0.3VDC 32.0±0.5VDC 64.0±1VDC
High Voltage Restart 15.0±0.3VDC 30.0±0.5VDC 60.0±1VDC 15.0±0.3VDC 30.0±0.5VDC 60.0±1VDC
Max Efficiency 92%
Overload Protection 1010—1150W
Input Reverse Protection By fuse
Input Fuse 40A×3 15A×4 10A×4 40A×3 15A×4 10A×4
Output Short Circuit Protection Yes
High Temperature Protection 65
Cooling Way Force-air cooling
Indicate Operating Green LED
Fault Red LED and Alarm
Operating Temperature Range -10--40
Storage Temperature Range -20--55
Operating Relative Humidity 10---90%
Storage Relative Humidity 5---95%
Dimension(L×W×H) 255*112*58mm
Weight(N.W.) 2350g


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