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  • 500w pure sine wave inverter
  • 500w pure sine wave inverter
500w pure sine wave inverter500w pure sine wave inverter

500w pure sine wave inverter

Power Rating 500w
Peak Output Power 1000w
Type High frequency inverter
Efficiency 89-95%
Indicator Operating / Fault, optional LED light or LED screen
Cooling Way Force-air cooling by temperature controlled and heat sink
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40
Relative Humidity 10 - 90%
Input Voltage 11-16VDC / 22-32VDC / 44-62VDC
Output Voltage 120±5VAC / 230±10VAC
Frequency 60±0.5Hz or 50±0.5Hz
No Load Current 0.3A
USB 5V 2A / no USB @ 24V or 48V
Output Wave Form Pure sine wave(total harmonic distortion3%)
Overload Protection Automatic shutdown: 110%-120% of rated power, alarm 3 times, automatic reset
Under Voltage Protection

Automatic shutdown: 10.0±0.3VDC / 20.0±0.5VDC / 40.0±1VDC

Alarm 5 times: 10.5±0.3VDC / 21.0±0.5VDC / 42.0±1VDC

Automatic reset: 16.0±0.3VDC / 32.0±0.5VDC / 64.0±1VDC

Over Voltage Protection Automatic shutdown: 16.0±0.3VDC / 32.0±0.5VDC / 64.0±1VDC, Alarm 6 times
Automatic reset: 15.0±0.3VDC / 30.0±0.5VDC / 60.0±1VDC
Input Reverse Protection Fuse be blown
Output Short Circuit Protection Automatic shutdown, alarm 2 times
High Temperature Protection Automatic shutdown: 65, alarm 4 times, automatic reset
Acoustic Noise Less than 40dB
Warranty period One year (for free) from the date of B/L. Free product accessories will be sent to you and save your maintain cost
Application Office equipment, household appliance,lighting system, car, etc


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